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Giant, Fluro-Pink Slugs Found On Australian Mountaintop

Giant pink slug found in Australia

This seems like something out of a Star Trek episode set in a distant solar system, but is really a testament to the incredible biodiversity here on Earth. From one mountaintop in the Australian state of New South Wales, park rangers have informed the world of the existence of large numbers of giant, fluoro-pink colored slugs.

According to park ranger Chris Coleman, talking to Australia’s ABC, the slugs are found on Mount Kaputar near Narrabri, about 400 kilometers north of Australia’s largest city, Sydney.  Apparently, on cool, wet, misty mornings hundreds of the giant, pink slugs can be seen in the area. The slugs grow to about 20 centimeters (8 inches) long, so can quite easily be found.

At night, the pink slugs climb up the trees in the area and like to feed on algae and moss in the trees. That must be quite a sight on a moonlit night on Mount Kaputar. It’s not the only strange creature living in that area, either. The mountain is also home to 3 species of cannibal snails!

Thankfully, the area where these amazing slugs and snails live has been given the highest level of environmental protection available. It’s in a national park, and has been declared an official wilderness area.

Image: NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

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