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Japan Testing New 310mph, 500kmph Maglev Bullet Train

Magleve train Japan

Japan’s JR Central (Japan Central Railway Co) has again been testing a new prototype of its superfast maglev (yes, magnetic levitation) bullet train. This train is fast, very, very, fast. It’s being developed to run at speeds of around 500kmph, or 310mph.

If it’s difficult to believe a train can run that fast, take a look at the video below for the evidence. Well just take a look anyway, because it’s AWESOME. This video was actually shot a couple of years ago during other testing. Even back then the prototype was able to reach a speed of 500kmph, and it looks like a fun ride.

The trains aren’t due to go into commercial operation until 2027, so there’s still a long way to go. Seems to me it’s coming along quite nicely at this stage though! No doubt Japan will be keen to get these trains into operation, as it’s in a bit of a bullet train development race with China, which also has a 268mph maglev train. Nothing like a bit of competition to get things moving fast – very fast.

Via The Telegraph
Image and video: David Gifford

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