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James Gandolfini’s Yet To Be Released Movie: ‘Animal Rescue’

James Gandolfini

News of James Gandolfini’s sudden and untimely death from a massive heart attack this week was a shock to many. Social media networks were inundated with anguish and condolences as soon as the tragic news was revealed. It remained that way for many hours as the news spread to fans throughout the world.

Gandolfini was of course most famous for his brilliant acting work as gangster Tony Soprano in the groundbreaking HBO TV series The Sopranos. Through his role as Tony Soprano, Gandolfini became an icon. For many, it was difficult to imagine him in any other role after that, such was the power of his performances episode after episode. However, of course James Gandolfini also did other high profile work, including in Zero Dark Thirty in 2012.

According to IMDB, James Gandolfini had “numerous projects in various states of development, including two that have already completed production”. One of those, currently in post-production, is a crime thriller called ‘Animal Rescue‘. Apparently Gandolfini had a strong compassion for animals, and was keen to take a role in this Fox Searchlight production. No doubt there will now be a great deal of interest in this yet-to-be-seen role of Gandolfini’s.

Animal Rescue is a crime drama centered around a lost dog (a pit bull), a scam artist, and a killing. Part of the aim of the film is to bring some needed attention to the issue of animal abuse, and also to the stigma pit bulls carry. As well as his friends and family, Gandolfini left behind a much loved, rescued pit bull named Duke.

The director of Animal Rescue Michael Roskam has said he wanted “to make [James] proud with the movie we made together, and now it will be in his loving memory.”

Image CC licensed by gdcgraphics: James Gandolfini

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