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Doctors Inject Dying Girl With Modified HIV Virus To Save Her: Amazing

Injecting modified HIV virus

Here’s some strong evidence that real progress is being made in the fight against different kinds of cancer.

In the following video, titled ‘Fire With Fire’, those involved explain how, as a last resort, doctors injected a 6-year old child dying of leukemia with a modified HIV virus to try and save her life. The innovative process attempts to train the body’s immune system to recognize and then kill tumur cells.

Some of the patient’s T cells are collected, and then infected with the virus. The virus is engineered so it cannot cause disease – quite the opposite. The virus genetically changes the T cells so they can recognize, attack, and destroy leukemia cells. The modified cells have been labeled “serial killer cells”, as each cell can kill more than a thousand tumor cells.

When giving this treatment, the medical team had to make it clear that the treatment might not work. Watch the video to see how this particular treatment worked out.

Amazing stuff. Keep up the good work!

via Upworthy

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