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Potentially Historic & Prolonged Heat Wave Forecast For Western U.S.

Potentially Historic Heat Wave Graphic

Unfortunately, this is not good news, considering the Western United States is already plagued by fierce wildfires and drought. The Western U.S. is about to be hit by a potentially historic and prolonged heat wave, according to Climate Central. The heat wave is forecast to hit parts of Nevada, Arizona, and California starting from as early as Thursday and lasting through next week.

Climate Central reports that the prolonged heat wave will be the result of a “stuck” weather pattern that’s emerging across Canada and the United States. All-time temperature records are likely to be reached in locations that usually experience the hottest temperatures, such as Death Valley, California. To date, the top temperature in Death Valley is 134°F, which also happens to be highest (reliably) recorded temperature on the planet, ever.

Excessive heat warnings are in effect for the cities of  Las Vegas and Phoenix from Friday through Monday. Temperatures in those two cities are expected to approach records, which are 117°F and 122°F respectively.  The number of straight days heat could be above 110°F is also of concern. Climate Central maintains that it could stretch past the 10 day mark in Las Vegas and some other areas.

The heat wave during the weekend and on into early July is also expected to impact inland areas of Southern California, where heat warnings have been issued. The hottest temperatures are not expected to impact Colorado and parts of New Mexico, where the biggest wildfires have been burning.

If you are in any of the areas expecting the very high and prolonged heat, remember to drink plenty of water, and stay indoors as much as possible during the hottest parts of the day. Also, sometimes forgotten, remember to keep pets safe by keeping them in cool places during the heat wave. Stay safe.

Image: Heat forecast graphic from NWS forecast office in Phoenix.

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