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Heat Wave, Record Temperatures In US Southwest Set To Continue

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There will be little immediate relief from the heat wave currently engulfing much of the U.S. Southwest, as the extreme temperatures are expected to continue into the week. Many towns and cities throughout the West have recorded temperatures well over 100ºF degrees, and much of California is still covered by extreme heat warnings.

The National Weather Service has recorded a temperature of 128ºF (53.3ºC) degrees in Death Valley, which tied the recored for the hottest day in June anywhere in the US. The National Park Service thermometer, a short distance away, measured an even higher temperature of 129.9ºF (54.3ºC). Meanwhile, in Las Vegas temperatures on Sunday reached 117ºF (47.2ºC) degrees. That tied the highest recored temperature of the city. Palm Springs in Southern California, and Redding, Sacramento, and Fresno have all recorded same-day record high temperatures.

In Phoenix on Sunday, the Fire Department said that emergency workers had received nearly 100 heat-related calls within the metro areas since Friday morning. A high of 119ºF (48.3ºC) degrees on Saturday was the forth-hottest day in Phoenix since temperature recording began over a century ago. There was a slight drop in the maximum temperature to 115ºF (46.1ºC) degrees on Sunday. Thankfully, temperatures in Phoenix could drop a little more over the next few days, as some storm activity is expected.

According to the National Weather Service, the extreme temperatures are expected until continue to at least Tuesday in many areas. The heat wave is being caused by a blocked high-pressure weather system, delivered by a shift in the high-altitude jet stream.

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