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India Calls Halt To All Testing Of Cosmetics On Animals

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Recently we reported that India has outlawed the keeping of dolphins in captivity for entertainment purposes. Now, in another historic initiative, India is calling a halt to all cosmetics testing on animals, On Friday, the drug controller general of India announced that the testing of cosmetics and ingredients for cosmetics on animals will no longer be acceptable in the populous nation.

Cosmetics manufacturers wanting to test ingredients or products must ask for approval from India’s Central Drug Standards Control Organisation. Using non-animal alternatives will now be compulsory for testing purposes. 

Groups advocating for animal welfare, such as PETA, will now push for India to go a step further and ban the testing of household cleaners and similar products on animals in India. In addition, India could ban international products that are tested on animals and imported into India for sale.

India joins the 27 nations of the European Union, and Israel, that have recently brought a halt to testing of cosmetics on animals. Would you like to see these moves continuing to catch on in other countries around the world?

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