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Philippines Plans To Reach 100% Renewable Energy Within 10 Years

Manila skyline, Philippines

The Philippines, which has a population of almost 95 million, has just laid the groundwork for a comprehensive clean energy plan that will get the country on track to 100% renewable energy within the next decade.

In a meeting with the Climate Change Commission and Worldwatch Institute’s Climate and Energy Director Alexander Ochs, the groundwork was laid for a Sustainable Energy Roadmap that will help the Philippines achieve this goal.

“This country has an enormous opportunity to demonstrate how smart and integrated energy planning can be done in the 21st century,” said Ochs. “Any country in the world has great potential for at least one renewable resource, such as biomass, geothermal, hydro, ocean, solar or wind. The Philippines has them all, as well as the human resources, technological know-how, and political leadership necessary to make a low-emissions transition a reality within less than a generation.”

The country has already taken some serious steps with geothermal and hydropower, but Ochs says a Sustainable Energy Roadmap will really get the Philippines on track to a clean energy future that also accounts for social and economic needs.

This is definitely one of the most ambitious goals worldwide, since many countries are instead opting for a smaller percentage of renewables by 2020-2050. Philippines is aiming for 100% right off the bat, taking advantage of the fact that clean energy opportunity is available in various forms. It will be fascinating to watch as it is achieved in coming years.

Image CC licensed by aSIMULAtorL Manila, Philippines

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