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Coca-Cola Creates Soda Bottle Made Entirely Of Ice

Coca-Cola ice bottle

I try to avoid soda as much as possible, but this latest gimmick from Coca-Cola has me intrigued. The company has debuted a new bottle designed to meet that craving for an ice cold drink on a hot summer day – and it’s made entirely of ice.

The frozen bottles, which look just like a classic Coca-Cola bottle, recently made their debut in Colombia. So far it has been a pretty big hit, selling an average of 265 bottles an hour in various locations across the country.

If you’re like me and want to know how anyone could stand holding an ice bottle for more than a few seconds, there is a red rubber band around a small part of it that prevents frostbite on your fingertips. You can keep the band and wear it as a Coca-Cola bracelet once the bottle melts.

In order to make the bottles, filtered water was poured into silicon molds which were frozen to -13 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a pretty smart and fun way to attract customers while eliminating plastic and glass waste, and I could see something like this going over well in touristy beach towns. Still, I’m curious to know how much water and electricity is used to create the product, and whether it is more environmentally conscious than hoping that consumers recycle their bottles. I’m also curious how many people find their bottle melting before they manage to finish their drink.

What do you think? Does it seem more eco-conscious in the long run? Would you rather buy a soda in an ice bottle like this?

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