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Highly Anticipated Electric BMW i3 To Start Around $35K

BMW i3 concept

BMW has finally hinted at the price of the highly anticipated BMW i3, according to Autoblog. Apparently the prices being discussed internally at BMW are between $35,000 and just over $40,000, with around $35,000 euro being the base price (with some taxes included in that price). In the United States, the starting price for the EV plug-in version “should” be around $34,500. Deliveries for the all-electric version of the i3 will reportedly start in November 2013.

No doubt Tesla Motors will be interested in this news, with their all-electric Model S selling well in the U.S., and plans to launch other models, including  “a compelling, affordable car” by 2017 at the latest. CEO Elon Musk has indicated that car will be priced below $40,000.

The BMW i3 range is reportedly “upwards of 100 miles”, which is a lot less than the 300 (max) a Tesla already manages, but still very decent. There will also be a hybrid version of the i3, with a range-extending, two-cylinder 600cc engine mounted in the rear with the e-motor. This will apparently add about 2000 euros, and $2000 in the U.S. to the price. This will effectively double the range of the car.

Autoblog has some new spy shots of the i3 in testing in Europe if you’re interested. It doesn’t look like the designed has changed much.

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