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Whaling: Japan Says Court Has No Authority To Decide What Is Science

Whale meat, Japan

As previously reported, Australia has taken Japan to the International Court of Justice in The Hague over Japan’s annual whale hunt in the Southern Ocean. Australia has been arguing in the international court that this practice cannot be justified as science, as Japan consistently maintains.

The case has now concluded with Japan asserting that the court has no authority to decide what is or isn’t science. The Japanese government told the international court that it was supposed to be a court of law, not a “medieval inquisition”, according to The Guardian.

Australia is seeking to prevent Japan from carrying out further whaling, saying the whale hunting is not for purposes of scientific research, which is allowed in a loophole of the 1946 whaling convention, but rather for commercial reasons.

Japan has argued that Japan is gathering scientific information on the basis of which it might be able to ask for the moratorium on commercial whaling to be lifted, and asserting that “This is a court of law not a court of scientific truth.”

On conclusion of the case from both sides, it is up to the court when it will deliver a decision. Even though Japan said it thinks the court has no authority to decide what is science and what isn’t, both nations have said they will abide they the decision of the International Court of Justice, whatever that may be.

Image CC licensed by Jeremy Keith: Whale meat, Japan

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