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Grayl Water Filter Cup Provides Clean Drinking Water In Seconds

Grayl water filter

This fancy device looks like a regular old water bottle, but it’s actually much more than that. Within seconds, this dual-walled Grayl Water Filtration Cup filters out impurities, bacteria, and viruses that pose a danger to health, turning questionable water into a drinkable source.

While there is already a sizeable market out there for portable water filters, the Grayl offers two purifying methods through a coffee press-like design. The first filtered version gets rid of nasty chemicals, flavors, odors, and pathogens that frequent streams in more developed countries. The purifier version goes one step further and strips the water of viruses as well. All you have to do is insert the filtered section into the outer cup filled with water, and press it down.

Grayl water filter demo

The technology uses electroadsorption and a positively-charged mesh filter that cleans 16 ounces of water in 15 seconds with the filtered version, and 30 seconds with the purifier version. The filters last for about 300 uses, and an anti-microbial layer prevents mold, fungus, and mildew growth.

Not only does it quickly filter impurities for a clean glass of water, but the process is packed into a travel-size cup that can be taken just about anywhere. It seems a heck of a lot more convenient than dragging gallons of distilled water on a camping trip, but the filters inside do of course have to be replaced.

A pre-order will cost you $69.95 on the Grayl website. Replacement filters are extra, although each cup comes standard with one replaceable filter.

Would you consider purchasing something like this? Do you see a need for it?

Images: Grayl

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  • http://www.aquasafecanada.com/ Adam

    This seems like a great option for camping and the outdoors, however, I have done some research, and all of the claims of this water filter have nothing posted on their website to confirm they remove all the bacteria and viruses. All of this is hearsay as of now, and I won’t fall for it until there is some evidence to back it’s claims.

  • Keri Kliemann

    GRAYL’s Water Filtration Cup comes standard with the replaceable G3+ Filter. We sell replacement G3+ Filters and G3+ Purifiers. Both the Purifier and the Filter are effective against a wide range of waterborne contaminants.

    Our final test results are as follows:

    The Filter has been tested according to NSF/ANSI protocol 53 and 42 to capture 99.99% of bacteria, odor and flavor.

    The Purifier has been tested according to NSF/ANSI protocol 53 and 42 to remove 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses, cysts, odor and flavor.

    Both the Filter and Purifier remove certain:
    – Industrial and Pharmaceutical Chemicals,
    including BPA and Penicillin
    – Heavy Metals such as Lead and Aluminum
    – Impurities that Cause Bad Flavor and Odor,
    such as Chlorine and Sulfur

    Visit http://www.thegrayl.com for more information. Thank you!