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World’s Longest Wind Turbine Blades Hit The Road

World’s longest wind turbine blade

Wondering just how big wind turbine blades have become? Well take a look at this. These new wind turbine blades are en route from SSP Technology in Denmark to Scotland, to be installed on a 7 megawatt, test turbine off the Scottish coast.

The 3 prototype blades are 83.5 meters (274 feet) long, and weigh over 30 tonnes each, so it’s no easy task to transport them. The turbines must be carried on a specially fitted truck.

Longest wind turbine blade

The blades are first being transported to the port of Esbjerg on the west coast of Denmark, from South Funen. They will then be loaded onto a special ship to be taken to the offshore installation site.

One of these new turbines is said to be able to produce enough power in just half an hour for the yearly power consumption of an average family – not that you would want one right in your back yard. Great for an offshore windfarm in Scotland, though.

Images: SSP Technology

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