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Actual North Pole Has Melted To Become A Lake [Images]

North Pole Melted

Well, as you can see, the actual North Pole at the top of the world has now melted to become a lake this northern summer, again. The navigation buoy in the photos is located at the North Pole. The melt now seems to be happening on a annual basis, going back as far as 2002, but it’s pretty shocking to actually see it like this. The below picture is what the North Pole looked like before the melt.

North Pole ice

The North Pole Environmental Observatory constantly monitors the site, and says the lake in not made from Arctic seawater coming up from underneath, but from ice melting on the surface. The current lake began to form in mid July, and the weather has been usually warm since then. Temperatures at the Pole have been 1 to 3 degrees Celsius above average.

What’s more, it’s not over yet. No doubt the ice will melt even more, as the coming weather conditions are expected the bring strong winds and rain, which will help to loosen the ice coverage more.

So if anyone happens to tell you the Arctic is not melting as a result of climate change, or that it’s not a problem, it’s simply not true. Here’s the evidence. This is right at the most northern point of the world. The Arctic ice has not yet reached its summer minimum extent for the year, and last year’s minimum extent was the lowest on record. We’ll have to wait and see just how low it goes this year.

Images: North Pole Environment Observatory
Via The Atlantic Wire

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