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Wealthy People Likely To Have Different Bodily Toxins

Seafood buffet

Most of us in so-called developed countries know our bodies must contain a certain amount of toxins from our environments, and from the things that we do. We can be exposed to a variety of pollutants and toxins from our food, workplaces, vehicles, and even our homes. It is to be expected that these toxins vary from person to person, but would you have thought that these toxins also vary according to wealth? According to a new study in Environment International, chemical footprints do vary quite significantly according to socioeconomic factors.

In wealthier people, the study found higher levels of mercury, arsenic, cesium, and thallium, found in various forms of seafood and shellfish.  As for less wealthy Americans, there were found to be higher levels of cadmium, lead, and BPA found in their systems. Poorer citizens are more likely to smoke cigarettes, eat canned foods, and use plastic containers.

Of course some toxins can possibly be avoided by eating an organic, plant-based diet, making your own chemical-free cleaning and beauty products and avoiding some questionable plastic products, but for most of us, toxins are the price we pay for a convenient lifestyle. This study just goes to show that no matter what your socioeconomic status, you’re always going to be exposed to something.

Image CC licensed by Jay Galvin: Seafood buffet

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