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White House To Install Solar Panels At Last

The White House

A White House official has confirmed that the White House is installing solar panels on the first family residence, according to The Washington Post, 

Way back in 2010, President Obama pledged to have solar panels reinstalled on the White House to demonstrate his administration’s commitment to renewable energy. The pledge was made after a campaign led by environmental group 350.org and solar company Sungevity.

I say “reinstalled”, because in 1979 President Jimmy Carter had 32 solar panels installed. However, the were taken off as soon as Ronald Reagan became president. He was not a renewable energy kind of guy. The solar panels will of course be American made, though the company supplying the panels has not yet been revealed.

In a recent speech about climate change policy, Obama stated that the whole federal government will aim to obtain 20% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020. This won’t do much to help that along, but it is certainly symbolic of the Obama administration’s support for renewable energy development, and residential rooftop solar in particular. It only took 3 years to get around to installing them since pledging to do so.

Image CC licensed by Kathleen Tyler Conklin: The White House

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