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46% Of South Australia’s Electricity Was Generated By Wind Last Week

Wind farm in South Australia

During Science Week (August 10-18), it has been calculated that wind power supplied 46.26% of total energy in the state of South Australia, according to Renew Economy. Electricity demand was 339.51 GWh over the 9 days (okay, over a week), and the total wind power generation for South Australia was 157.07 GWh.

In both Victoria (a neighbouring Australian state) and South Australia, wind farms often contribute a significant percentage of energy to the grid. However, Victoria’s installed wind capacity is much lower than in South Australia. The state has a higher population and electricity demand, so wind power offsets less fossil fuel power generation there. For the same week, wind power in Victoria measured 826 megawatts, which was 18.9% of demand. That’s still pretty impressive. The major Australian city of Melbourne is located in Victoria, and it has a population of over 4.2 million.

It’s good to see that wind power has been developing well in Australia, a country still endowed with massive amounts of coal. In addition, and perhaps even more significantly, rooftop solar power is starting to develop very well. Australia now has over a million rooftop solar systems installed, and counting.

Image CC licensed by JAK SIE MASZ: Wind turbines in South Australia.
Via REnew Economy

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