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Solar Power Output In Italy Reaches Record High, For Year So Far

Solar panels in Italy

Yesterday we reported that the monthly solar power generation record in Germany has just been shattered. Now, we are happy to report that power generated by solar PV (panels) further south in Italy has reached an “unprecedented amount” of electricity output for the first seven months of 2013.

PV Magazine has reported that TERNA, Italy’s electricity grid operator, has measured the generation of 13,810 GWh of electricity, which is a full 20% above the same period last year. Italy produced 2.957 GWh or solar power during the summer month of July alone. This was the highest ever monthly output of solar power in Italy.

Solar power’s contribution to Italy’s energy mix is sitting at around 7.3% of total demand, but the results do show that, just as in Germany and other countries around the world, it’s on the move up. In Italy, solar power has increased to 7.3% from 5.6% in 2012. Solar power is also the biggest source of renewable energy in Italy.

Image CC licensed by Chris Muenzer: Solar panels in Italy
Via PV Magazine

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