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Road Trip! Elon Musk To Cross US In Model S Using Tesla Superchargers

Tesla supercharger

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk has said on Twitter that he has finalized plans for a road trip from Los Angeles to New York in an all-electric Tesla Model S. This classic American road trip is aimed at well and truly dispelling any lingering range anxiety worries for potential Tesla customers.

The 3,200 mile (5,150 km) journey is planned to last for 6 days, with only 9 hours spent charging the car along the way. Musk asserts that stopping for an hour and a half per day, he will only need to charge when stopping anyway to eat or sightsee, and never just for charging the battery. Fair enough, you would probably stop for a least that long in a gasoline-powered car on the same journey. Do those Tesla Supercharger stations have roadside cafes, or is that a separate business opportunity for someone?

Elon Musk Tweet

Apart from dispelling range anxiety concerns, no doubt there will be plenty of opportunities along the way to show off Tesla’s fast growing “Supercharger” network. Tesla has said that by the end of 2013, Superchargers will connect most of the major metro areas in the U.S. and Canada, and by next year the network will cover most of the population of the U.S. and Canada.

And besides, when you’re a super-busy, high profile serial entrepreneur, it must seem like a good way to mix business and pleasure.

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