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German Householders Urged To Apply For Solar Energy Storage Grants

Rooftop solar in Germany

Householders in Germany are being urged to apply for millions in home solar energy storage grants, PV Magazine has reported. The German government has made 25 million euros available to subsidize household solar power storage systems this year.

The German solar industry association, Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft (BSW), has acknowledged that there is plenty of available funding for home energy storage this year. Further, another 25 million euros is expected to be made available for the subsidy next year.

Householders can apply for a energy storage grant if they are intending to install a solar panel system that is not bigger than 3kWp. Grants of up to 600 euros per kWp off the cost of the storage system are available, up to a maximum of 30% of the cost of the storage system.

It’s worth noting that if energy storage is installed at the home, it’s likely that a lot more self-consumption of solar power will occur, rather than excess power being sent back to the grid, and power being used from the grid when necessary. This could help to make the whole system more efficient, and could help householders save money on power.

Energy storage has been called “the holy grail of the electricity system“, especially if energy can eventually be stored in many places throughout the system. The potential has often been compared to how useful it is now to be able to store digital data in many places in a network, and to easily transfer it. If one day we could store and transfer energy with similar efficiency, it would undoubtedly revolutionize energy the world over.

Image CC licensed by Tim Fuller: Rooftop solar installation in Germany.

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