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World’s Tallest Vertical Garden Planned For Sydney Residential Tower

One Central Park, Sydney

Living walls are becoming all the rage in cities these days. Now, in association with vertical garden creator Patrick Blanc, One Central Park residential tower in Sydney, Australia, by French architect Jean Nouvel, is to include the world’s tallest vertical garden.

The garden will climb all the way up the 64.5-meter structure, and will include some 190 native Australian plant species and 160 non-natives. The garden will cover around 50% of the outside of the building. Blanc says his idea is aimed at replicating the look of a natural cliffs found in the spectacular Blue Mountains, located just to the West of greater Sydney. Blanc has been designing living walls for more than 30 years, so brings a lot of experience to this epic project.

One Central Park - forecourt

The residential complex will consist of two towers containing 624 apartments. In addition to the vertical garden, there will be a decent amount of green space at the ground level, including a 6,400 square meter park: Central Park. For extra light, a heliostat of electronic mirrors will direct sunlight down from above to the gardens below.

The apartment buildings are actually part of a much bigger development that includes apartments, shops, cafes, restaurants, and offices. The project is expected to be finished by January next year.

One Central Park - aerial view

Via Denzeen

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