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Smartphone Made Of Fully Upgradable, Customizable Blocks: Phonebloks


At the rate we discard our phones to upgrade them these days, it’s no wonder there’s a great deal of interest in this new smartphone concept. Since September 10, the embedded video about “Phonebloks” has received nearly 13 million views.

Most smartphones have (purposely) got to the point where it’s difficult to repair and upgrade parts of them. When something breaks, or even seems a bit slow or outdated, we buy a whole new phone, and that’s just the way the companies like it, right? Phonebloks is an modular smartphone that could easily be upgraded and customized.

This new open platform concept could prevent whole phones from becoming obsolete so quickly. We wouldn’t need to throw away the whole thing if just a few parts needed upgrading. The phone would be made up of detachable blocks that snap together.

The phone doesn’t exist yet, it’s only a concept. There is no crowdfunding campaign for Phonebloks, but rather a “crowdspeaking” campaign. The concept inventors are wanting to see how much interest there is out there. It’s such a huge idea to put into action that instead of one startup, Phonebloks thinks many companies would need to work together to make it happen.

Phonebloks says, “To show them (the companies) there is an interest for this phone we need your voice. You can donate your social reach on the website (phonebloks.com). We gather as much people as possible; on 29 October we send out the blast, all at the same time, to show the world there is a need for a phone worth keeping”.

Via Adfreak, HT @peeela

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