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France Aims To Reduce Fossil Fuel Use 30% By 2030

Paris traffic

French President Francois Hollande has announced that the government is aiming to cut France’s fossil fuel use 30% by 2030. Despite having a significant amount of nuclear power, fossil fuels currently account for over 70% of Franc’s energy use. President Hollande added that with this strategy France will also be able to save 20 to 50 billion euros on its energy bill by 2030.

In order to reach the goal, Hollande announced a variety of measures including “smart, carbon-less cars”, and a proposal to reduce (from 10% to 5%) the value-added tax (VAT) on energy efficiency improvements to homes. Incentives for biomass fuels will also be introduced in a new proposal. President Hollande said that a new “energy transition” draft law will be put to the parliament in the first half of next year.

Le Monde has also reported that the government wants to place a tax of 7 euros per tonne of CO2 in 2014, which would rise to 14.5 euros per tonne of CO2 in 2015, and 22 euros per tonne in 2016. The revenue from this carbon tax would be used to finance incentives to encourage the move away from fossil fuels, and to encourage energy efficiency throughout the country.

Image CC licensed by Bob Hall: Paris Traffic

Via Global Energy World

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