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Mainstream Solar: IKEA To Sell Solar Panels In All British Stores

IKEA London

Home furnishings giant IKEA is to begin selling residential solar panels through all of its British stores. It’s the first phase of IKEA’s plan to help make the market for renewable energy mainstream, according to AP. If all goes well, we could see this in other countries as well.

The solar panels to be sold through IKEA stores are being manufactured by Hanergy, China. The standard solar pack will be a 3.36 kilowatt system, which contains 18 solar panels and will coast 5,700 pounds (US$9,200). This is cheaper than current prices in the United States. To make it as easy as possible for customers, the solar kit will include consultation, home installation, maintenance, and an ongoing energy monitoring service.

An initial test in London delivered a sale nearly every day for IKEA, which has encouraged the company to roll out sales all over Britain over the next 10 months. IKEA Chief Sustainability Officer Steve Howard believes it’s the right time to being selling solar panels, as prices have dropped enough in recent years to make it attractive for customers.

Image CC licensed by CGP Grey: IKEA store, London

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