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Women May Prefer Men With Greener Cars, Survey Finds

Tesla Model S

For what it’s worth, a new British survey (via Murdoch’s The Australian, so always a grain of salt) conducted with 2000 adults in the UK has found that 48% of men thought that having an expensive, sporty car made them more attractive to women. However, the survey found that not to be entirely correct. A majority 53% of women deemed owners of expensive sports cars as “arrogant”, and 43% also deemed them “self-centered”, while 38% even labeled them “a danger on the roads”.

Now to the crux of the matter. Turns out electric Nissan Leaf and Prius drivers were deemed “conscientious” and “safe” drivers, and of course conscientious and safe is totally hot. Many male and female drivers also thought poorly of big SUVs. A substantial 34% of males were prepared to label SUV drivers “mean-spirited”, and 29% of women thought of them as “rude”.

It has been noted that last year, 92% of all Ferraris, 83.4% of all Bentleys, 82.8 percent of Maseratis, and 76.5% of Porches were bought by men. This of course could partly be put down to disproportionate income levels between men and women around the world, but men also buy more SUVs. Yet another survey found that women were much more inclined to consider safety in car buying choices.

So, what say you? In a love interest, does a greener car make a person more attractive to you, or is it irrelevant? And perhaps it should be pointed out that some new “green” cars could hardly be described as inexpensive or lacking in sportiness. Some are, however, very, very safe; in fact, one well designed electric car has the highest safety rating of any car ever tested.

Image: Electric Tesla Model S

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