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Electric Car Sales Are Up 448% From 2012

Electric car charging sign

The number of electric cars sold in the U.S. is up a whopping 448% from this time last year. The combined sales of both electric and hybrid cars is also up just over 30%, according to EVObsession.

Overall, from the beginning of January 2013 to the end of September 2013, 426,580 hybrid and all-electric cars were solar in the United States. In the same period last year, 327,873 were sold.

Both Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf sales were notably higher compared to 2012, and Ford’s electric and hybrid cars have sold better than last year. Tesla sales were up a massive 8056.25% (to 13,050); Nissan Leaf sales were up 208.44% (to 16,076); Ford’s electric and hybrid sales were up 328.01% (to 67,232); and Toyota’s electric and hybrid sales were up 9.55% (to 271,538).

On the down side, GM’s electric and hybrid sales were down 9.3% (to 38,498), and Honda’s electric and hybrid sales were down 5.5% (to 13,929).

If this trend keeps up, and there’s no reason to think that it won’t, before long electric and hybrid cars will account for a significant share of the overall market. Combined worldwide sales of hybrid and plug-ing electric vehicles are expected to reach 6.6 million annually to become nearly 7% of the “light-duty vehicle” market by 2020, according to the 2013-2020 Electric Vehicle Market Forecast by Navigant Research.

Image CC licensed by Paul Krueger

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