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Apple Considers Built-In Solar Power Converters For iPhones, iPads…

Apple solar patent

A new patent by Apple suggests that the tech giant is considering the possibility of being able connect iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks directly to solar panels for charging, without the need for a bulky external converter, Apple Insider has reported.

As we’ve previously reported, Apple has filed other patents for solar integration, including the tantalising possibility of a touch screen that doubles as a solar panel. However, presumably this new patent is something that could be rolled out fairly quickly in a number of its products. This solar power integration would allow Apple product owners to plug in their iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and really any other Apple products, directly into solar panels.

A great thing about this is that the integration could be achieved with existing hardware, and would be small enough to fit inside an iPhone, according to the patent. This new addition to Apple products would of course work best with a small, portable solar charging set-up so devices could be charged on-the-go.

Such products already exist in the market; however, I’m sure that if Apple began to sell Apple designed and branded mini-solar panels for devices, they would sell like hotcakes – and may serve to make owning solar panels very cool indeed. No doubt we’d start to see people sitting at outdoor cafés charging their devices, while showing off their shiny “iSolar” chargers.

Image: USPTO
Via Apple Insider

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