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Apple’s New ‘Spaceship’ HQ To Have One Of World’s Largest Solar Arrays

Apple Campus 2

Apple’s new corporate headquarters, which has this week been granted final approval by the City of Cupertino council in California, will feature one of the world’s largest solar panels arrays, and the largest in the United States.

The giant tech company’s 176-acre “Campus 2” will have a huge, circular spaceship-like office building. It will be 1200 feet in diameter and will house a staggering 2.8 million square feet of office space. This means that there will also be a great deal of roof space for solar panels. Apple is planning to cover almost all of that roof space with panels.

Apple has said that the new campus will be powered 100% by renewable energy. A combination of additional grid-purchased renewable energy and fuel cells will help the building to not have any net additional greenhouse gas emissions.

Apple employees are expected to be able to starting moving in by mid-2016. No doubt they’ll also be happy to know that Campus 2 will include a good deal of outdoor open space, that will be used to help regenerate native vegetation in Cupertino.

In a boon for the city of Cupertino, the development of the building is expected to bring about 7,400 jobs, and then add $11 million in revenues annually.

Via Thing Progress, The Verge

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