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Beijing Officials Confiscate Barbecues To Help Curb Air Pollution

Beijing air pollution

In a move that seems rather questionable in terms of its overall effectiveness, although I guess every little bit helps, the Guradian has reported that Beijing officials have confiscated and destroyed over 500 outdoor barbecues in an attempt to help reduce particulate air pollution.

Apparently, state media has displayed images of workers cutting pieces of barbecue metal with city officials supervising. Xicheng district administration bureau confirmed that hundreds of barbecue grills have been confiscated and destroyed over three months.

An official from the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs said that the move should help Beijing residents to deal with the air quality problem, but did admit that a major priority “should still be the motor vehicle emissions”. Emissions control and fuel quality on heavy duty trucks will be a major focus.

Good to see Beijing is taking steps to curb its incredible air pollution problem, but yes, it seems like barbecues ought not be the priority.

Images CC licensed by 大杨: Beijing air pollution
Via Guardian

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