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New Wind Funnel Generates 600% More Energy Than Wind Turbines

Sheerwind wind tower

SheerWind is an energy technology company that says it has developed an innovative wind power generation system that significantly outperforms conventional wind turbines. It reportedly generates 6 times the electrical power of traditional wind turbines.

The tower developed by the tech company works like a wind funnel. It collects wind coming from any direction and funnels it down a large, tapering, cylindrical tube to ground level, where a turbine generates electricity.

It works by creating a jet effect as the wind is funnelled through a narrow section of the tube. This increases the velocity of the wind and lowers the pressure. The rotating turbine is mounted in this narrowest part of the tube where the air is moving fastest.

Apart from the claims of superior power output and reduced costs, one of the other benefits of this wind technology is said to be that it could be a good solution to the real problem of the killing of birds and bats by conventional wind turbines.

SheerWind says that the system is suitable for both major wind farms and micro-generation settings. Do you think we could start to see wind towers such as this (perhaps smaller versions) appearing in backyards in the coming years?

Via Off Grid World, SheerWind

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