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Consumer Reports Names Prius Hybrid ‘Best New Car Value’, Again


While electric cars have been getting a lot of press lately, especially the Tesla Model S, Consumer Reports has just named the trusty Toyota Prius gas-electric hybrid the “best overall value for the automotive dollar”. What’s more, this is the second year in a row the respected consumer advocacy organization has given the Prius this honor.

In short, Consumer Reports found that the Prius gives new car buyers “the most bang for your buck”. The car has “the right combination of performance, reliability, and low estimated five-year ownership costs of 47 cents per mile”, Consumer Reports noted. In case you were wondering, the best-value winner three years ago, before Prius took crown, was the Honda Fit.

Consumer Reports found that the Prius had the best fuel economy of any non-plug-in car tested, at 44 miles per gallon. It was also noted that although the car is not particularly cheap to buy, its depreciation is very low over five years. The scores were calculated based on the five-year costs to the owner, along with road-tests, and predicted reliability.

If you’re interested in viewing the best and worst in each of Consumer Reports’ 10 categories, ranging from compact/subcompact cars through to pickups, the results can be found here.

Via Treehugger, Consumer Reports

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