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New York To Make 20% Of New Parking Ready For Electric Car Charging

Electric car charging

A new New York City law will make 20% of the city’s new off-street parking spaces electric car charger-ready over the next decade.

The new law will require new off-street parking facilities, such as garages and open lots, to build in sufficient electrical capacity to accommodate charging stations for 20% of spaces, according to Green Car Reports. In addition to new facilities, the law will also require existing facilities to install plug-in ready spaces, if they are expanding to the point that they need increased electrical service.

Currently, New York City has less than 200 electric car charging stations. The new law should create about 10,000 electric car-ready parking spaces, half of which are expected to be available during the next 7 years.

It seems the new law will not extend to mandating the retrofitting of existing parking spaces, as legislators apparently think building the technology into new parking facilities will be less expensive in the long run. However, if the uptake of electric cars really starts to take off in coming years, as it may well do, existing parking facilities may end up installing charging technology without it being mandated.

Image CC licensed by Robert Couse -Baker
Via Green Car Reports

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