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World’s Largest Rooftop Farm Comes To Life In Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn Garage rooftop farm

Over the course of seven months, the world’s largest rooftop garden has taken shape in Brooklyn. The embedded time-lapse video shows the 65,000 square foot rooftop urban farm, Brooklyn Grange, in development.

As you can see towards the end of the video, in the current depths of the New York winter, the garden is covered with snow. However, the climate is still suitable for growing many crops for at least 6 months of the year. The urban farm has started growing tomatoes, green vegetables for salads, peppers, kale, chard, and much more. The very low-food-miles produce is sold at local farm stands.

In the video you’ll see the vast rooftop area above the Brooklyn Navy Yard transformed from a white roof into the soil-covered rooftop, and then planted with farm crops.

Image: Brooklyn Grange
Via Takepart, Brooklyn Grange

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