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Hillary Clinton Urges ‘Mass Movement’ For Climate Change Action

Clintons on Clinton Global Initiative panel

Potential 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, speaking at a (Bill) Clinton Global Initiative panel at Arizona State University, has said that she hopes there will be a mass movement that demands political action on climate change.

Clinton stated that climate change is not “just some ancillary issue” and will determine the quality of life for many people. Further, she said that a lot of young people are committed to addressing climate change.

According to a recent poll commissioned by the Clinton Global Initiative, people in the so-called Millennial demographic are 76% focused on climate change – whatever “focused” means in this context. By comparison, only 24% of their parents are focused on climate change.

If Hillary Clinton is gearing up for a presidential campaign, it certainly makes sense for her to appeal to younger voters in this way. However, while Hillary Clinton is urging the rise of a mass movement to demand political action on climate change, there is still no word yet from her on where she stands in relation to the building of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, which would carry very carbon intensive tar sands oil from Canada into the United States.

If the Obama Administration ends up postponing a final decision on the pipeline, it may well be her administration that has to resolve the issue. If the Obama Administration approves the pipeline, she will be implicated.

Al Gore has previously called the proposed pipeline project “an atrocity”, and eminent climate scientist Dr James Hansen has said that if unconventional fossil fuel projects such as this are allowed to go ahead, it will be “game over” for a liveable climate. In light of all that, the pressure must be on for Clinton to oppose the construction of the pipeline.

Image: Clinton Global Initiative: Three Clintons speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative panel.
Via HuffPost, GreenPacks

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