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Apple Now 73% Powered By Clean Energy, 100% Of Data Centers

Some of Apple’s solar panels

On the eve of Earth Day 2014, Apple has uncharacteristically released a new video, ‘Better’, promoting (and it does comes across like one of its ads) the tech giant’s current sustainability efforts. Apple CEO Tim Cook narrates the new video, highlighting the company’s renewable energy, recycling, and energy efficiency initiatives. In addition, the company has issued progress reports in relation to its sustainability results.

Oh how times have changed. Not long ago Apple, along with other tech companies, was a Greenpeace target. Back in 2011 Apple was even labeled the least green tech company, based on its heavy reliance on coal-fired power. Now, just 3 years later, Apple can boast that 73% of the energy for all of the company’s facilities is clean, including 86% of its corporate campuses and 100% of its data centers.

Apple also reports that 120 of its retail stores in the US are now powered with renewable energy, with 135 to go. As Tim Cook says, “We have a long way to go, and a lot to learn”, but progress has certainly been made on a number of sustainability fronts. Lately, some competition seems to have developed between some of the tech giants to see which company can be the “greenest”. This can only be a good thing.

Via SmartPlanet

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