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BMW Reveals Solar-Powered Carport Concept For Electric Cars

BMW solar-powered carport

BMW is releasing its i3 electric car in the United States, and to coincide with its arrival in the US market, BMW has revealed a solar-powered carport concept to charge its electric cars with renewable energy.

The solar carport includes sustainable bamboo in its construction, and the rooftop solar system includes high-grade glass solar modules. The panels provide power to BMW’s i Wallbox Pro inside the carport. Any excess power from the solar system after the car is fully charged can be sent for use elsewhere.

There is no word on the pricing (but no prizes for guessing rather pricey), or indeed on solid plans to manufacture the solar carport. We hope this doesn’t just stay at the concept stage, as many things do in the auto industry, because it seems like a really good idea.

The concept of solar carports is not new of course, and Tesla Motors already installs solar systems with its Supercharger stations, but no doubt this BMW concept will appeal to some well-heeled BMW electric model owners.


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