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World’s First Large-Scale Tidal Power Generator Unveiled

Tidal power device

Generating sustainable electricity from the force of the world’s constant tidal flows has huge potential, but remains a largely untapped resource. However, the world’s first large-scale tidal power generator has just been unveiled in the UK.

The new tidal power generator is set for a 12 month trial period in Ramsay Sound, Pembrokeshire in Wales. As it’s a trial, the 400KW demonstration generator will only be used to power 100 homes. Obviously, if the trial goes well, the opportunities for more of these devices will be substantial. After the yearlong trial, 9 or so more of these devices are expected to be installed in the area.

When you think about it, given the enormous resource of our oceans, it’s quite strange we humans are only now getting around to harnessing the energy of the oceans to generate electricity. As scientists keep warning us, instead we’ve spent more time and effort than we should have doing things like digging coal out of the ground and burning it to generate electricity.

The company Tidal Energy Ltd is behind the development of these tidal power devices, and is claiming a significant milestone in the tidal power sector – what there is of one just yet. In case you were wondering, the company has pointed out that not much drilling is required in the seabed where the device will be placed.

The triangular tidal power device weighs a hefty 150 tons, and has 3 turbines with 15 meter diameter rotors connected to a generator. View the video below to see a simulation of the device in action.

Do tell us what you think of it. Is it something you could see being installed in many places around the world in the future?

Image Tidal Energy
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