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New electric ferry cuts emissions by 95% and costs by 80%, selling like hotcakes

The operators of the first all-electric ferry in Norway are claiming that their ferry cuts emissions by 95% and costs by 80% compared to fossil fuel-powered counterparts. They have 53 orders for the new ferries in the pipeline.

Via Electrek

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  • Steven B Kurtz

    I read the article on the Electrek link. Even if the electricity is from solar, tidal, or wind, it is not pollution free. Batteries contain finite and toxic materials, and need replacing after some years. Energy from FF is used in the manufacture of the boats, batteries, solar cells, wind turbines, etc. Ditto for the grid carrying the energy. No free lunch!

  • http://www.the9billion.com/ John Johnston

    Indeed, although hopefully these things can be minimised and changed as the tech and processes evolve. Everything has some sort of initial manufacturing impact, although the goal is definitely towards a circular economy where everything can be repurposed and recycled indefinitely with zero or very low waste and emissions. We are a long way from that now, especially burning fossil fuels in so many industrial processes.