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Noam Chomsky’s Take on the War in Ukraine and US-China Relations

Noam Chomsky, the renowned linguist and political commentator, recently shared his thoughts on the ongoing war in Ukraine. In an interview with New Statesman, Chomsky stated that Ukraine is not a free actor and is dependent on what the US determines. He also said that the US is supplying Kyiv with weapons simply to weaken Russia. According to Chomsky, it is the “US and Britain” who have “refused” peace negotiations in Ukraine, in order to further their own national interests, even as the country is being “battered, devastated”.

Chomsky also compared Russia’s way of fighting in Ukraine with the US’s during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. He argued that large-scale destruction of infrastructure seen in that conflict “hasn’t happened in Ukraine” and added that “Undoubtedly Russia could do it, presumably with conventional weapons”.

Chomsky’s views on the war in Ukraine offer a critical perspective on the conflict and its underlying causes. His comments highlight the complex geopolitical dynamics at play and raise important questions about the role of external actors in shaping the course of events.

In the interview with New Statesman, Noam Chomsky also mentioned that the West is provoking China, but he did not elaborate on this point¹.

In another interview with Democracy Now!, Chomsky condemned the Biden administration’s aggressive anti-China foreign policy and urged a departure from the “provocation” that for decades has characterized the U.S. stance toward China. He also dismissed the imperialist notion that Beijing poses a threat to the United States².

Source: GPT-4 enabled Bing, 01/05/2023

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