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President Biden Meets with AI CEOs to Discuss Regulation

US President Joe Biden recently met with CEOs of top artificial intelligence companies, including Microsoft and Google, to discuss the need for transparency and safety in the use of AI technology. The meeting included a “frank and constructive discussion” on these topics.

Vice President Kamala Harris also attended the meeting and said in a statement that the technology has the potential to improve lives but could pose safety, privacy and civil rights concerns. She told the chief executives they have a “legal responsibility” to ensure the safety of their artificial intelligence products and that the administration is open to advancing new regulations and supporting new legislation on artificial intelligence.

Generative artificial intelligence has become a buzzword this year, with apps such as ChatGPT capturing the public’s fancy. Millions of users have begun testing such tools, which supporters say can make medical diagnoses, write screenplays, create legal briefs and debug software. However, there is growing concern about how the technology could lead to privacy violations, skew employment decisions, and power scams and misinformation campaigns.

The White House said that Biden told the officials they must mitigate current and potential risks AI poses to individuals, society and national security. The meeting included a discussion on the need for companies to be more transparent with policymakers about their AI systems; the importance of evaluating the safety of such products; and the need to protect them from malicious attacks.

This meeting is a step towards ensuring that AI technology is used safely and responsibly. It will be interesting to see what regulations and legislation come out of these discussions.

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