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The Existential Threat of AI: A Discussion with AI Pioneer Geoffrey Hinton

In a recent video published by MIT Technology Review, deep learning pioneer and former Google AI researcher Geoffrey Hinton spoke with Will Douglas Heaven, MIT Technology Review’s senior editor for AI, at EmTech Digital about his growing concerns regarding the potential harms of artificial intelligence.

Hinton, who recently stepped down from his role as a Google AI researcher after a decade with the company, says he wants to speak freely as he grows increasingly worried about the potential harms of artificial intelligence. In the video, Hinton expresses his belief that it’s quite conceivable that humanity is just a passing phase in the evolution of intelligence.

Hinton also mentions that he used to think that the existential threat of AI taking control was a long way off, but now he thinks it’s serious and fairly close . He says that if you take the existential risk seriously, as he now does, it might be quite sensible to just stop developing these things any further.

This discussion raises important questions about the future of artificial intelligence and its potential impact on humanity. As we continue to develop increasingly advanced AI systems, it seems crucial that we consider the potential risks and take steps to mitigate them.

What do you think about Hinton’s concerns? Do you believe that AI poses an existential threat to humanity?

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