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Digital Communications Consulting

Thanks for visiting this page to find out about our consulting services. We would love to help you develop more effective digital communications.

Our main focus is on working with clients in the sustainability, technology, and professional services sectors. These are sectors we understand the most.

Over the past few years, many organisations have quite rightly felt the need to start using social media to some extent as part of their overall marketing and communications, even if it’s just a basic Facebook Page or Twitter presence.

Some medium and large organisations have even invested in full-time social media staff to embark on making quality online connections, and to build long-term relationships through continuous online engagement. This engagement can offer significant rewards over time, but it takes the right strategy, tailored to your organisation. We have the knowhow to help.

How we can help

We will listen to you and assess what you are currently doing on various digital platforms, or what you would like to do. We will work with you to find the best way to tell your organisation’s unique story.

We will help you build a valuable community across social platforms, and to place your brand in the daily lives of your customers and stakeholders. We will work with you to help you tell your story effectively, to drive results.

What we offer

Our work with you may include:

  • Existing social media assessment
  • Developing an overall social media strategy
  • Consultation and advice on specific social media issues
  • Executive coaching, and assistance with social media staff training
  • Community management consulting
  • Social media advertising advice and implementation
  • Micro-content production for social media

Social platforms we work with may include established and emerging platforms such as: blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Medium, and others

Many years of digital communications and social media experience allow us to help you find and tell your organisation’s unique story. We are based in Auckland, New Zealand and work with our wider communications partner Sedger + Co in Australia.

We look forward to connecting with you soon,

John Johnston

Founder, The9Billion
Email John: jj@the9billion.com

John Johnston

I have been immersed in social media for over 15 years (well before it was called that), and have been working professionally in digital media and marketing for 14 years. I’m known for being an early adopter of emerging social media platforms, including being an early (2007) advocate of using Twitter for business.

I’ve worked with digital agencies, technology companies, and non-government organisations (NGOs), including heading social media for WWF’s successful Earth Hour global campaign in 2009.

I continue to build my own online brands using social media platforms. With this considerable experience, I look forward to helping you.