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Giant kelp can grow up to 60cm a day, given the right conditions. Joe Belanger/shutterstock.com Tim Flannery, University of Melbourne This is an edited extract from Sunlight and Seaweed: An Argument for How to Feed, Power and Clean Up the World by Tim Flannery, published by Text Publishing. Bren Smith, an ex-industrial trawler man, operates […] Read More

In this post I'll continue one of my regular themes: optimism about a faster than expected transition away from fossil fuels and combustion-engine cars. I ran across this recent PV Magazine article, "The age of plenty on steroids", which is a report from the recent BNEF Future of Energy Summit in New York. It details why […] Read More

Is the Solar Singularity Near?

There are quite a few of signs that the transition to sustainable energy is proceeding at a decent pace worldwide, despite the very pro-fossil fuel signals currently being issued from the White House. There are technological and market indications that the Trump administration is not going to be able to stop the march of renewable energy. […] Read More

Following a decade-long trend of expansion in coal-fired power capacity globally, new coal power plant construction fell by almost two-thirds (62%) in 2016, PV Magazine has reported. It's the finding of a new report by green groups Sierra Club, CoalSwarm, and Greenpeace. The report concludes that new coal power is in "freefall", with a 48% […] Read More

Frank Rijsberman, Director-General of the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), recently penned an article investigating the possibility that fossil fuels and conventional cars could be obsolete by 2030 – only 13 years away now. Given the vast quantities of fossil fuels currently used worldwide, and the huge number of conventional cars on the roads, to most […] Read More