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After over 20 years of climate talks, the gap between climate science and politics is finally closing. As leaders from multiple nations commented after the conclusion of the landmark Paris climate agreement this week, it's not perfect, but it is the first global agreement that commits all countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions. President Obama said […] Read More

A new report from Carbon Tracker has found that, if the world makes a deal at the Paris climate summit to limit global warming below the already agreed to rise of 2 degrees celsius, fossil fuel companies worldwide are in danger of stranding up to $2 trillion of investors' funds over the next decade. The report concluded […] Read More

Never one to shy away from grandiose statements, last week Tesla CEO Elon Musk made the comment during an earnings conference call that he thinks "all cars will go fully autonomous in the long term," and that "it will be quite unusual to see cars that don't have full autonomy." Further, he asserted that owning […] Read More

This morning while doing my regular exercise, the thought struck me that humanity's ability to potentially regulate Earth's climate is in a sense comparable to changing an individual's lifestyle and diet to become healthier. Let me explain. Despite a variety of competing claims and sometimes whacky methods, we know the way to lose weight and become […] Read More

According to a new study by Australia's crowdfunded Climate Council, the sunburnt country could well become a world leader in home battery storage for solar power in coming years. The Climate Council report predicts that the cost of battery storage will drop considerably by 2018, making going "off-grid" cost-competitive with grid-sourced electricity. The Climate Council report […] Read More