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Ten kinds of single-use plastic items will be banned in the European Union by 2021 following a vote by EU lawmakers, as the EU pushes manufacturers to improve their recycling policies. The European Parliament voted by 560 to 35 in favour of banning 10 single-use plastics including plates, balloon sticks, food and beverage containers made […] Read More

Stunning drops in the costs of solar and battery storage technologies are ensuring that renewables are not only significantly cheaper than coal and gas power plants on generation costs, but also competitive with fossil fuel generation when it comes to dispatchable generation, Renew Economy reports. The latest technology cost analysis by BloombergNEF found that battery […] Read More

Seaplane operator Harbour Air is set to become the world’s first all-electric airline. The partnership between Harbour Air and electric aviation company MagniX will see MagniX convert all of Harbour Air’s more than 30 seaplanes to electric. Harbour Air operates the largest all-seaplane fleet in North America. It flies 12 routes in the Pacific Northwest […] Read More

About three-quarters of US coal production is now more expensive than solar and wind energy in producing electricity for US households, a new study has found. The study found that 211 gigawatts of current US coal capacity, 74% of coal-fired power, is providing electricity that’s more expensive than wind or solar. Via The Guardian […] Read More

The operators of the first all-electric ferry in Norway are claiming that their ferry cuts emissions by 95% and costs by 80% compared to fossil fuel-powered counterparts. They have 53 orders for the new ferries in the pipeline. Via Electrek […] Read More